After Call of Duty, Apex Legends is coming to mobile to challenge PUBG MOBILE

The mobile gaming arena recently saw the arrival of the Call of Duty franchise with a mobile version to tackle PUBG MOBILE, and with that, the gamer community has started wondering which of the more popular PC titles could make it to mobile. EA's popular Apex Legends, which has been a surprise hit on PC and consoles as a PUBG rivalling FPS titles, was rumoured to come to mobile version a few months ago. And after a long period of hush over those rumours, EA has finally confirmed the rumours - (drum roll) Apex Legends is coming to mobile.
In Electronic Arts' Conference Call on October 30, it was revealed that the publisher is working to bring the title to mobile platforms soon. How soon, you wonder? Well, EA's Chief Executive Andrew Wilson said that EA will bring the game to the mobile platform in the 2021 fiscal year. However, no information other than the launch date has been revealed so far. The PC and platform versions were reported to hit 70 million players.
With a launch date set in 2021, it's almost three years after Tencent released PUBG on mobile platforms. Apex Legends has a similar concept as the PUBG MOBILE in terms of gameplay, i.e. the last man standing wins the match in a battle royale-style gameplay. However, Apex Legends is closer to Fortnite in its presentation than PUBG. And, the same is expected to be seen on the mobile version of the game once it launches in 2021.
Recently, Activision partnered with Tencent to bring Call of Duty to mobile platforms. Call of Duty Mobile participated in the battle royale hype but with its own COD twist to the gameplay. Additionally, COD Mobile also brought the classic gameplay modes along with the legendary in-game characters from the old games.
In comparison, Apex Legends mostly revolves around battle royale style matches restricted to the first-person shooter genre. The title is known to offer superior graphics and it will be interesting to see whether EA manages to bring the same levels of graphics to the mobile platform, given that it now has two years for development.
EA also said that Apex Legends now becomes its core title, i.e. EA's flagship gaming title. The game is also being planned for the next-gen platforms from Sony and Microsoft, namely the Playstation 5 and Project Scarlett.