Android P features

At Google I/O 2018, They said Android P have AI at the core of the operating system. There are hundreds of improvements, the presentation was divided in to three categories.

  1. Intelligence.
  1. Simplicity.
  1. Digital wellbeing.

  1. Intelligence

  It makes smartphone even smarter. System learns from users by using on device           machine learning and anticipates users next actions.
  • Adaptive battery It usage on device machine learning to figure out which apps user will use in next few hours and which user won't, then it spends battery only on apps which  user  likely to use. It leads to 30% reduction in CPU wake up and increases battery life.

  • Adaptive brightness.   It learns how user like to setup brightness slider for given ambient lighting and then it adapts brightness in more efficient way.
  • Predictive app actions System predicts next action based on usages patterns and help to save users time.

     2. Simplicity  

In this category the  improvements are in  
  • New system navigation
  • Volume controls
  • Rotation confirmation
  • Notifications
  • Work profile
  • Quick settings
  • Screenshots
  • Crash dialogues
  • Status bar

     3. Digital well being

    It is about helping users with their smartphone habits and addiction. Android P will display in dashboard how users spending time on their smartphone And help users  to use technology in a healthy way.
  •  App timer
   It will let users set time limit on apps and  nudge users when they are close to time limit and for the rest of the day the app icon will be grayed out.
  •  New do not disturb  which is named as shush...
 New mode which will block visual distractions including emails, vibrations, notifications not just phone calls and texts. Just turn down phone over the table and it automatically enters do not disturb mode.
  • Wind down   Users can set the time when they go to bed and system will fade out the screen to grayscale on that time which will help to put phone down and have better sleep.