Intel Says Laptops With Foldable Screen Are Coming In Year 2021

Well, popular brands like Samsung and Huawei have announced smartphones with foldable displays although we are yet to see those products in the market. Less popular Chinese manufacturer, Royole Technology, launched the first foldable smartphone dubbed “FlexPai” This device went on sale last month and it sold out immediately.

With these foldable smartphones already making the waves, many people are now looking forward to other devices that can use flexible screens. In response to this, senior executives at Intel said that they believe that laptops with foldable screens will be available as soon as 2021.

Intel Says Laptops With Foldable Screen Are Coming In Year 2021

Managers from Intel said that the company is currently working with display panel suppliers such as LG Display, Samsung, BOE, and Sharp to explore the possibility of folding screen applications on laptops. Joshua Newman, Intel’s general manager of mobile innovation and vice president of the company’s Client Computing Group, told Nikkei Asian Review that;

“It’s early pathfinding now, and we are trying to understand the capability and the limitation of the [foldable] technology.”

Due to the difficulty of the application of the folding screen technology, it takes at least two years to launch the corresponding consumer products. Of course, if other OEMs are interested in this type of product, it will greatly accelerate the development of such products.

However, Intel did not give any other detail regarding this laptop with a foldable screen. Well, it should be noted that, laptops with foldable screens will be crazily expensive. Foldable screens are OLED displays and considering the cost of large OLED displays, the price of the laptop, if it is produced, will be scary.