CPU X Privacy Policy

                                       Privacy Policy                     

About :

CPU X : System and Hardware info  is a free Android app which helps to get more knowledge about Android system , Mobile technology, devices, Hardware etc.

Definitions :

Non personal information.  

It is information that is not a personally identifiable to you, like device brand, model number, ram, cpu etc.

Personal identifiable information :-

 It is the non public information that is identifiable to you like name , email address , phone number etc.

1. Information we collect.

 1.1 information you provide us.

 CPU X uses Google authentication to sign in to the app,  user's Google account's profile name is only personal identification information we collect which allow other users to know who posted  a  post or answer.

 CPU X do not collect email addresses. they are only shown to you in app on your  signed  in device.

1.2 User generated content.

The content created by user like posts, answers, questions, discussion topics, likes and dislikes for  answers and post are stored on server.

1.3 Device technical data.

 It is non personal information about  device  like device brand, model number, ram,  cpu etc. We collect this information to personalize user experience, so we can serve user his device's brand and model related discussions and answers in the app.

1.4 Cookies and Advertising ID.

 We have implemented Google firebase Analytics  and Google Admob ads in this app, which may  collect and use cookies and Advertising ID to serve interest based ads.
 User can opt-out of interest based ads by applicable device settings such as device advertising  settings or any other available means.

2. How CPU X use information .

We use information to provide , personalize, improve user experience with the app.
Name is attached to the post, answers, topic and questions so other users can know who created  that particular information.
User generated content like posts, questions, discussion, topics , answers are accessible to the all the users of this app. Device's technical information such as brand, model, cpu, etc is used to  serve  user his device's brand  and model related discussions and answers in the app.

3. Data security.

We protect users from unauthorised access or unauthorised alteration disclosure or destruction of information we hold. Information is stored on Google servers which are using SSL.

4. Information we share

We do not share any personal information with companies, organizations and individuals.

5. Accessing and updating personal information

Your name associated with google account you sign in with is only personal information we collect when you sign in first.
 You can access that information in app's navigation header and alongside all of you created discussion topics , posts, questions, answers. You need to contact us at pacaficdevelopers@gmail.com to change name we have collected.

6. Changes to the privacy policy.

We may update our privacy policy from time to time, thus you are advised to review this page periodically for any changes . We will notify you of any changes by posting the new privacy  policy on this page this changes are effective immediately after they are posted on this page.